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BiQ Analyzer - a software tool for DNA methylation analysis

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In order to download BiQ Analyzer, please fill out the form below (only one field is mandatory), select the operating system (Windows or MacOS, Linux, Unix), tick the box indicating acceptance of the licence agreement and press the Download button. Wait for the download to complete and double-click on the downloaded file to start BiQ Analyzer's installer.

HINT: If the installation of BiQ Analyzer does not seem to work properly (e.g. empty text boxes occur inside the installer), the most likely reason is that no current version of Java is installed (Java version 1.5 or newer is required). Please download the most recent Java version from and retry.

The main points of BiQ Analyzer's licence agreement are as follows:

Although it is not mandatory to provide your real name and affiliation in the form below, we would like to ask you to do so, because knowing who our users is important for planning future directions and extensions of BiQ Analyzer. Please also provide a valid e-mail address. We will never share your e-mail address with anyone and we will write you no more than one e-mail per year when really important new functionality is added to BiQ Analyzer.

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