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BiQ Analyzer Conversions - In silico conversion and inversion of DNA sequences

Bisulfite conversion and DNA inversion made simple

Inverting and converting DNA sequences - that's an everyday task in epigenetic research. Here's a small Java tool that helps you with these tasks. Just keep this website open in the background and you'll never have to bisulfite convert a sequence in your word processing software again.

(if the program does not appear in the box above or if the box stays gray, you should check whether you have Java installed correctly. In particular, many users of Microsoft Internet Explorer will have to upgrade to a 100% pure Java compatible version. This is fast and easy: just go to Java Download Page and follow the instructions there.

Instructions: Paste your DNA sequence into the upper text field, then click the button of your choice. You can copy the result into the clipboard and paste it into any other program.

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